Renewable Energy Focus Shifting Towards Storage

Renewable energy like wind and solar always have periods where they are not producing electricity. That keeps improvements in renewable energy battery storage a primary focus in the industry.


It seems more and more lately when I read about renewable energy sources people are satisfied with the gains we are making in renewable energy collection technologies such as wind and solar power. What many people are not satisfied with yet is where we are with the battery storage that these renewable energy sources require. The good news is as I read about different renewable energy topics there now seems to be a real effort to dramatically improve renewable energy storage devices. 

I recently talked in an article about the comments SpaceX/Tesla CEO Elon Musk made about renewable energy sources being able to generate over 80% of Americas energy needs in the not too distant future. How did Mr. Musk go about saying this was possible? You guessed it, he said it was not going to happen because of improvements in renewable energy technologies but instead it will come from improved renewable energy storage batteries. 

Who Else Is Talking About Renewable Energy Storage? 

Another one of the companies that likes the prospects of using renewable energy sources if their batteries see improvements is Orlando based Mattamy Homes. In their newest planned residential communities they want to start using more renewable energy sources to help create homes that are energy self-sustaining. They feel renewable energy storage will be the biggest factor in whether they can make this work or not. 

How will one of the world’s largest home builders make big gains for producing these energy self-sufficient neighborhoods? They will work in conjunction with a company that just finished designing a new renewable energy management system. This company, ElectrIQ Power out of Palo Alto, California, will install there new renewable energy management systems on several Mattamy model homes in the Phoenix, Arizona area. 

These energy management systems batteries are said to be able to store up to 10 kWh increments in each battery they have in them. They are a renewable energy management system that achieves optimal performance by monitoring such things as utility usage, current energy rates and even the weather. 

Subhi Alsayed, the person in charge of Sustainable Development at Mattamy Homes said they had a specific goal in mind when they took on this test project. That was to make homes that provide off the grid services and have the battery capacity to weather outages to this grid. 

Finnish Solar Industry Hopes for Improved battery Storage 

The Finnish solar industry thinks battery storage technology is holding them back from bigger and better things in the renewable energy market also. People seem to be generally satisfied with the results they get from such renewable energy sources as wind and solar but they cannot use them as often as they like. That’s because renewable energy storage battery prices still remain quite high in Finland. 

What do these high battery storage prices do to renewable energy sources. People cannot benefit as much from them as they should. The more affordable renewable energy storage batteries can only currently provide electric power for 3 to 4 hours at the most. That’s not enough to get a home through the weak periods when they cannot collect renewable energy. 

Another big problem for people without renewable energy battery storage is that the power their renewable energy source collects goes into the regular grid network. That’s a big concern because at the present time in Finland the compensation for this transfer to the regular energy grid is not very good. Since this is the case, those in the know in the Finnish renewable energy industry believe once again batteries are the key here, if their price comes down. People could then keep 100% of all the renewable energy they collect for themselves. 

Expect Renewable Energy Storage to Remain a Hot Topic 

The big problem with renewable energy sources is that they cannot be counted on to be collected all the time. Types of renewable energy like wind and solar always have periods where they are not producing electricity. That keeps improvements in renewable energy battery storage a primary focus in the industry. You can definitely expect to read a lot more about this subject of renewable energy storage from me in the very near future. 




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