Drawdown: New Book Uncovers Top 100 Solutions to Climate Change

Paul Hawken believes that all of his climate change solutions are possible and that other countries can reach Drawdown with or without the US.


Paul Hawken has been a legend in environmental circles since the early 1980s and has been starting green businesses and writing books on ecological commerce and more. Bill Clinton even called Hawken’s book Natural Capitalism as one of the most important books in the world.

Now his new book Drawdown The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming has over 100 solutions in trying to combat climate change. Most people see climate change as a problem, and most people want to do something in trying to fight it, but no one seems to know what to do, because the solutions are fractured, and hard to understand. Meaning the reasons for why certain solutions work are uncertain to most people. That’s why the book is essentially a reference book with a list of solutions ranked by potential carbon impact, and each solution is simple to understand with cost estimates and a short description to go along with each. The solutions range from obvious ones, like moving towards renewables, to solutions in farmland irrigation, heat pumps and ride-sharing.

What are in the top 10 solutions?

Well, it’s a combination of educating girls, family planning, refrigerant management, plant-rich diets, and wind turbines. Not only is there a book to explain the solutions, but Hawken is using social activism, and is actively challenging and promoting several of the solutions in the book. By starting Project Drawdown, Hawken is doing more than just writing a book, he is actually attempting to take the solutions and use them actively.

From the website, “All of life is comprised of self-organizing systems and the Drawdown
EcoChallenge is exactly that—people coming together to share, learn, support, imagine, and innovate for a better world. We are honored to be a part of this significant and brilliant initiative.”

What is Drawdown?

The name of his book is called Drawdown, and according to Paul Hawken, “Drawdown” is the point in time when greenhouse gas concentrations peak in the atmosphere and begin to go down on a year-to-year basis.” So, the entire point of the book is to come up with the solutions and find a way to use the solutions in a way that can help get the greenhouse gas concentrations to stop, and begin to reverse in the atmosphere, which is possible, even if the United States government doesn’t do anything to reverse it.

Paul Hawken believes that all of his solutions in combating climate change are possible even if the US isn’t the leader and that other countries can reach the drawdown, with or without the US. Hawken recently did an interview with Vox where he explained more of what is in his book, and you can look at the interview here.

The book is available now, and you can get it on the website drawdown.org, or Amazon and other online bookstores.




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