Is Perovskite the Key Ingredient in the Next Big Solar Panel Coating?

A new solar panel technology is showing great promise making use of a mineral called Perovskite and may just jumpstart a new solar rush.


Scientists are predicting that the so called ‘solar rush’ period where huge gains in solar panel efficiency and much lower costs for solar panels are seen may be coming to an end. This is the result of solar panel efficiency already being stretched to its limits. It seems lately that even a fraction of a percentage in increased solar panel photovoltaic cell efficiency is considered a huge gain. 

For you, solar energy generated enthusiasts, don’t lose hope though. It would be hard for any energy generating technology to keep up with the solar panel energy boom that was seen across the entire world the last few decades. Scientists are already conducting tests on new solar panel technologies that may turn out to be less expensive than the solar panels that are produced today. 

But there is one new solar panel technology in particular that may just jumpstart a new solar rush. That is a solar panel technology that is showing great promise making use of a mineral called Perovskite. 

Scientists and Researchers have done the ‘Impossible’ with Solar Panel technologies Before – Can They Do it again with Perovskite? 

Without a doubt scientists have pushed the limits of photovoltaic solar panel efficiency past what they ever thought possible years ago. The question is can they achieve new levels of solar panel efficiency or affordability using Perovskite coatings? You would have to believe the answer is yes and there quite possibly could be another breakthrough on the way in solar panel technology.  

Scientists have shown a knack for doing the ‘impossible’ with solar energy over the last few decades so it definitely makes you think optimistically. In the year 2000 total worldwide gigawatt capacity from solar generated means were about 10 gigawatts. Nowadays it’s upwards of 300 gigawatts of solar generating capacity worldwide. That is a solar panel generated electricity capacity increase of some 290 ‘billion’ watts of energy in just a 17 year period of time. 

If solar panel technology gains are made with Perovskite it will most likely be in the area of affordability and not in efficiency. That is quite OK because it was affordability and not technology that drove the last solar rush. It’s all the more reason to be optimistic about using Perovskite as a key ingredient in a new economical type solar panel coating. 

Perovskite Solar Panel Technology May Be the Answer 

Is Perovskite really the new solar panel technology frontrunner they say it is? Let’s take a closer look at this substance to learn more about why it shows great promise as a new solar panel coating. 

First of all, exactly what is Perovskite? It’s a naturally occurring material that has both organic and inorganic properties. A high percentage of its makeup is what’s called calcium titanate. This calcium titanate is a thin tin type material. That’s what makes it useful as a solar panel coating. 

One of the biggest advantages of using Perovskite as a solar panel coating is that it’s widely thought to be the most abundant mineral on earth. That means it will be a long time before you have to worry about its supply running out. It’s being tested as a means of providing an inexpensive and efficient solar panel coating that is so thin it can actually be spooled on rolls as its produced. This would seriously streamline the task of applying solar panel coatings over their frames that support them during the manufacturing process. 

What has sparked the sudden interest in this commonly found mineral that was once largely ignored? Researchers have finally taken the time to take a closer look at it for one. Once that process started it now seems to have no end. It’s estimated that over 14,000 papers have been written on Perovskite over the last few years. 

An English based firm, Oxford PV, is now leading the way as far as making this technology feasible. 2019 is their ambitious goal to start manufacturing efficient and cheap Perovskite solar panels.  

Solar Energy Fans are Crossing Their Fingers on Perovskite 

If you are a big proponent of renewable energy sources and solar panel technology in particular, you have to be excited about Perovskite’s use in solar panel manufacturing. It really could be the next big thing as far as solar panel coatings go. Oxford PV is certainly hoping that turns out to be the case. It’s definitely a solar panel technology you should be keeping your eye on as 2019 draws closer. 





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