The Intercept and Documented Investigations has leaked a memorandum that shows that Koch Industry donors network known as the Seminar Network has taken credit for Donald Trump approving the permits for both the Dakota Access and Keystone XL which was approved during the first few months of his presidency.  

The memo also mentioned and applauded efforts by Americans for Prosperity (AFP) a Koch network organization for the chapters in Wisconsin in working to pass a deregulatory measure known as the REINS Act.  

Koch Industries, the business that the two brothers run, has a lot of business interests in securing both pipelines since the business is an oil and gas company that has business interests that don’t work with the interests of  

Koch Industries actually has a business interest in the Dakota Access pipeline, because they own a storage terminal part-owned by its subsidiary Flint Resources. The terminal feeds oil into the Dakota Access pipeline.  

The 60 Plus Association is an association that has received tens of millions of dollars from the Koch network, and during the Dakota Access Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota, the group began to lobby more and more. While the protests grew.  

“The Dakota Access Pipeline Project is important to seniors for several reasons. High energy prices are disproportionately impacting America’s low and fixed-income senior citizens today—citizens that often have limited financial resources with which to meet their needs, by helping the United States to better capitalize upon its growing domestic energy resources—and affordable transport these resources to market—the Dakota Access Pipeline will help to foster stability within energy markets nationwide, and improve the availability of affordable American produced crude oil.” 

The Chairmen of 60 Plus Jim Martin even wrote an opinion piece around the same month supporting the pipeline, and giving this explanation, “Whether it’s heating or cooling your home or putting gas in your car, the cheaper the energy, the more economically stable your checkbook will be, the 60 Plus Association’s 5.5 million members know this all too well. This is why as an organization that champions free enterprise and who have championed energy issues for seniors before, we strongly support the Dakota Access pipeline.” 

Charles and David Koch have been known for their involvement in politics and have been mentioned several times throughout by democrat politicians of being the example of money in politics going way too far. It looks like in 2018 the Koch brothers are doubling down and giving more than they have ever given with over $400 million expected to be given to GOP candidates and causes.  

In 2016 they spent over $250 million. Tim Philips, the president of the Networks political advocacy group Americans for Prosperity, also stated this to be true by declaring, “So we’re all in,” at a Seminar Network earlier in January.  

In 1980 David Koch was the vice-presidential nominee on the Libertarian ticket, and despite the fact that the two brothers support gay marriage and believe in open borders they still tend to support and give money to Republican candidates who don’t share the same positions as them. They instead support the GOP for economic reasons and the pipelines are two of the many examples of the Koch brothers using their money to support legislation that helps their business interests.  



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