New Bill Helps California Solar Industry

The new bill known as SB 1399 is expected to be passed, to bring in thousands of new jobs, and will make it easier for businesses, schools, nonprofits, and municipalities to access even more solar energy.


California is known for being a progressive state that promotes solar companies and literally all kinds of technology companies simultaneously, and a new bill in California is projected to bring in even more growth to this industry.

The new bill known as SB 1399 is expected to be passed and it’s expected to bring in thousands of new jobs and will make it easier for businesses, schools, nonprofits, and municipalities to access even more solar energy. The bill is expected to pass, and there is a lot of excitement for the bill, especially from The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) for its expected plan to grow the solar industry.

The SEIA is one of the driving forces in the nation behind solar energy and their goal is to build the solar industry in America, they work with over 1,000 companies in achieving this goal, and have helped employ more than 250,000 Americans.

“California has long been our nation’s leader in solar energy, but many of its businesses and schools face practical barriers to adopting solar,” said Sean Gallagher, SEIA’s vice president of state affairs. “This bill provides an innovative, yet a commonsense solution that will unlock access to local clean energy for these organizations, while creating thousands of jobs in California. We thank Sen. Wiener for his leadership in advancing California’s solar economy.”

The bill was authored by California Sen. Scott Wiener who represents the San Francisco parts of the San Mateo County. The legislation provides and expands solar projects to parking lots, warehouses, brownfields, and landfills as part of an effort to expand solar to non-residential customers allowing them to partner with developed solar sites.

The bill is also expected to be a valuable step towards the greater level of democratization of energy and a cleaner environment.

Senator Wiener commented on his bill by adding, “To meet our aggressive renewable energy goals, California needs to dramatically expand solar, including maximizing use of our empty rooftops and other developed spaces that are ripe for solar.”

“However, these locations sometimes have no need for solar power and therefore sit unused, while other energy customers want to access renewable energy but have no space to install solar. SB 1399 brings these two groups together – supply and demand – to drive an increase in solar installations in urbanized areas throughout California. SB 1399 will spur the generation of more clean energy and create more good-paying solar installation jobs in communities throughout our state.”

The SEIA urges the California Legislature to pass this bill to help deliver more clean, reliable and affordable power to businesses, school, public agencies, and nonprofits in the state.

To add on to why this bill is popular among the pro-solar community is that California has over 35,000 acres of land, which has over 20,000 acres for disadvantaged communities of previously developed sites. This bill provides ways for businesses and non-residential customers to be a part of these projects as well.

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