Japan Is Going Solar – First Office Building Fully Solar Powered

#Japan’s first-ever office building completely powered by off-the-grid #solar energy just opened in #Saga. #Solar is gaining momentum across the globe!

Photo courtesy of KYODO
Photo courtesy of KYODO

The importance of can’t be disputed. We need clean energy all over the world in order to protect the environment, save resources and improve well-being. A quick look at news online demonstrates how prevalent solar technology is becoming. Solar energy is now becoming popular across the globe – is just one country of many taking advantage of the benefits of going solar!

Daiwa House Industry Co. (a homebuilder in Japan) is endorsing their 2,400-square-meter, two-story facility and proudly referring to it as a “net-zero energy building.” It counterbalances primary energy consumption thanks to the utilization of renewable energy (which just so happens to be generated right on site). This building is going to be used as ’s branch office and it will serve as proof of the fact that environmentally-friendly or green office buildings can exist – and not only can they exist, but this innovative company can build them for other businesses!

How does it work?

Electricity is generated thanks to the just over 300 solar panels sitting on the roof – it is stored in lithium-ion batteries. These batteries supply power which allows the building to function all day, and even during the night. Consequently, even the air conditioning unit takes advantage of solar heat and water in a well – this energy-saving equipment saves a great deal of money each year when it comes to electricity costs. Any standard commercial facility similar in size to this one would spend much more money in power. And all companies are looking to save money, of course!

If circumstances arise in which the building has difficulty producing enough power without the assistance of outside sources, then there is a local utility that is able to supply enough electricity. This might happen during severe weather, for example.

Government subsidies funded some of the construction costs of this building. Clearly, the government understands the benefits offered by . Solar energy is certainly important and many individuals as well as companies are now jumping on board. If you consider the cost-savings, it is easy to see why. And cost-savings are merely one incentive of switching to solar energy.

An official with House stated, “We want to promote our environmental technology as public awareness of energy-saving has been rising.”

Japan Is On The Ball With Solar Energy

In more recent solar news coming out of Japan, there is a Japanese engineering company that just signed a deal with an electricity company in Vietnam to build a 50-megawatt solar power plant. This deal comes at a hefty price tag – the cost is to the tune of close to $47.5 million. Clearly, Japan is a country that truly understands the benefits of going solar, and there are people who are willing to pay because they understand how important solar power is, and how much it can save – and not just financially. Going solar can truly make a positive difference for the planet – and who wouldn’t want to do that? Japan is proving itself a very innovative country, committed to making the planet better, thanks to an obvious appreciation of solar power.








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