Solar Panels at the Walt Disney World Resort


is in right now, so of course the wants a piece of the action – check out the new solar panel project coming to the Walt Resort in FL!

If any company is known to be technologically advanced and futuristic when it comes to their ideas, it’s the Walt Disney Company. The degree of innovation with which they operate is unparalleled. So what’s next? No, it isn’t that the shops in the Magic Kingdom and Epcot have decided to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment (at least, nothing along these lines has been communicated with the public at this point in time). Even better, the Walt Disney Company is opting to take things to new heights – solar heights, that is. A brand-new solar panel project is coming to the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida!

As stated by, Origis Energy USA (based in Miami, FL) and Reedy Creek Improvement District recently announced that they will be constructing a solar facility which is expected to generate roughly 120,000 megawatt hours of power on an annual basis. This innovative solar facility will sit across 270 acres of land and will include more than half a million – approximately 518,000 solar panels will cover the area. This massive solar facility will be situated by the Magnolia and Palm Golf Courses in Orange County – just east of SR 429.

A Company Committed to a Better, Cleaner Planet

The Walt Disney Company is not entirely new to solar power or clean energy – as a matter of fact, solar isn’t a new concept to the company at all. A visit to Epcot’s Living with the Land pavilion demonstrates that the company has been taking advantage of innovative options such as greenhouses and clean energy for years – in point of fact, researchers at this facility have learned how to increase crop yields in low-soil environments thanks to their focus on renewable farming practices. And a Mickey-shaped five-megawatt solar farm (yes, you read that correctly – a solar farm in the shape of Mickey ears) already exists near Epcot. Those passing by might have noticed the 48,000 solar panels on said solar farm.

It should also be mentioned that inside the theme park, at the Universe of Energy, solar panels have sat on the building’s roof since the 1980s.

According to Angie Renner, environmental integration director for Walt Disney World, the company “has invested in several other renewable energy projects including the conversion of Disney’s bus fleet to a cleaner diesel fuel — R50 which is made from vegetable oil — that will ultimately reduce emissions by nearly half.”

The latest solar panel venture is expected to create nearly 300 jobs in the construction process alone. It is projected to begin late spring of 2018 and should be finished by the end of the year, as per officials with Origis Energy.

The Walt Disney Company has long been a leader when it comes to forward-thinking concepts, so it is no surprise that they have found a way to incorporate solar power in such a manner that it will not only help their business, but create jobs and have a positive impact on the planet. Which companies will make the decision to go solar next? Are solar farms going to become something we see on a daily basis? This is a huge step in the right direction. Making our planet cleaner, improving health and protecting our environment should be the goals. Follow solar news and happenings at Walt Disney World Resort to stay on top of the latest and greatest advancements – and if you’re in Orange County, Florida, be sure to take a look at the solar panels going up around some of the most famous theme parks on Earth.  Who would have thought to look for a “hidden Mickey” in solar panels? Clearly, someone came up with the idea – and it surely is a bright idea, at that!


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