Solar Energy Powered Equipment Is Now Being Extensively Used In Humanitarian Efforts

Now several solar energy powered equipment manufacturers are even building equipment that helps with humanitarian efforts at various locations around the globe

Image from Aldelano.

Over the years as solar panel technology has improved many companies have been coming up with some interesting uses for solar energy powered equipment. These solar energy powered devices have crossed over into many different sectors of everyday life. Now several solar energy powered equipment manufacturers are even building equipment that helps with humanitarian efforts at various locations around the globe. It’s pretty special when a company comes up with a product that not only uses renewable solar energy but also benefits struggling groups of people around the world. 

Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions 

How can a 50-year old USA based solar energy products company possibly help out with humanitarian efforts around the globe? It’s easy when you are Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions; the makers of several different solar energy powered devices that can help save lives and make life more bearable for affected peoples after natural disasters strike.  

Currently the company is helping out with hurricane ravaged countries such as Barbuda, Antiqua and even at spots in the British Virgin Islands. They are using their many different solar energy powered devices to do such things as provide cool drinking water and to also help create cold food storage areas.  

All of the solar energy powered products that Aldelano’s makes are perfectly suited for their humanitarian roles. This is because these products are not only solar energy powered but they also are modularly constructed and highly portable. 

Aldelano’s Solar Energy Powered Products That Can Play a Critical Role in Humanitarian Relief efforts 

Here are some of Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions solar energy powered products that are now being extensively used to aid humanitarian and natural disaster relief efforts around the world: 

Aldelano Solar Cold Box. Image from Aldelano
Aldelano Solar Cold Box. Image from Aldelano
  • SolarColdBox 

The SolarColdBox is a go anywhere solar energy powered product. It’s considered Aldelano’s go-to product because it can help those who use it in so many different ways. This solar energy powered mini-house setup can help create such things as refrigerated storage areas, freezer areas, clean water, ice and even act as an auxiliary energy supply.  



  • SolarWaterMaker 

According to 2013 world fact sheet data some 700 million people around the globe live in arid regions that don’t provide them with enough clean water for drinking. This number only grows when a humanitarian crises springs up or a natural disaster hits. Aldelano’s SolarWaterMaker can help seriously raise the number of people that have access to good clean drinking water. The SolarWaterMaker is what is known as an atmospheric water generator that is completely powered by solar energy.  

  • SolarPowerPak 

This Aldelano solar energy powered device does exactly what you would expect it to do based on its name. It provides remote locations of the power grid and locations that have lost electric power with an easily set up and reliable solar energy generated power source.  

Why Choose Solar Energy Powered Products After a Humanitarian Crisis or Natural Disaster Has Struck? 

Most of the times when there is a humanitarian crisis the locations where refugee centers are set up are far off from where the electric grid runs. As far as natural disasters are concerned, there often times is simply no electric grid left standing after such things as hurricanes, typhoons and earthquakes leave a large area devastated. 

Another thing that Aldelano’s solar energy powered products help with are health concerns during a humanitarian crisis or after a natural disaster hits. When clean drinking water is scarce and food cannot properly be kept cold it leads to both bacterial infections and the onset of various diseases. 

Since some of Aldelano’s solar energy powered products are used to do such things as provide fresh water and cool food storage, they have great health benefits and also provide renewable solar energy power to those afflicted by natural disasters or a humanitarian crisis. 

We Salute the Work that Aldelano has Done Regarding Solar Energy Products  

This solar energy products company is just one example of how a little foresight and ingenuity by a company that manufacturers solar energy powered goods can benefit many people around the world. Kudos to Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions for the magnificent job they do building solar powered equipment that aids victims after natural disasters and humanitarian crisis have struck. 




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