Home Depot: Shining A Light on Solar

The company’s plan is to install solar panels on 50 Home Depot rooftops in a partnership with Tesla and General Electric.

Solar Farm Home Depot
Solar farm with Tesla panels on roof of Home Depot. Image from teslarati.com

Home Depot, Inc. is a corporation that recognizes the importance of going solar – the company’s plan is to install solar panels on the rooftops of many of their stores (50, to be exact) in a partnership with Tesla and General Electric – this is a great venture that will have a positive impact on the environment. Looking at solar news and updates from this green-minded organization is exciting. Home Depot, Inc. has demonstrated its responsibility and commitment to being green over the years, from strengthening forestry protection and improving standards for chemicals in their products, to saving water and removing certain materials from packaging, For instance, the company has removed EPS Styrofoam from holiday packaging. Note: EPS is expanded polystyrene, a lightweight, multipurpose material that can be manufactured to package numerous items.  

 Solar Panel Project 

Home Depot, Inc. stated that their solar panel project will decrease the use of the electric grid in each store by 30 to 35 percent yearly – this is comparable to powering 2,300 homes in the United States. When it comes to the average store roof for Home Depot, there is roughly 104,000 square feet available – this is a great amount of space, and it could potentially hold 1,000 solar panels. The mini solar farms are being constructed and construction is expected to continue throughout 2017.  

Home Depot is working with a power management company, GE subsidiary Current, on 20 solar panel installations in NJ and eight in Maryland. Connecticut, Washington, D.C., California and New York house the other 22 locations.  

Clearly, Home Depot is a retailer that is demonstrating its commitment to going solar – the solar panel installations are just one step in the process. Hopefully, other companies will step in and follow suit. Taking advantage of solar energy on a large scale, as only a major corporation could do, is one way to improve the health of our planet.  

Solar Farms and Alternative Energy Usage 

Home Depot, Inc. has more than 400,000 employees at more than 2,000 stores – a substantial number. The corporation’s alternative energy usage should increase to over 130 megawatts with the solar farms. The goal over the next three years is to hit 135 megawatts.  

The company has gone clean and green in other ways, too. Home Depot actually operates two wind farms, and utilizes fuel cells at over 170 distribution centers and retail locations.  

Home Depot’s corporate website highlights other promising renewable and alternative energy ventures. Here are some of them:  

Solar farms in Massachusetts and Delaware with a collective yearly output of 14.5 million kilowatt hours (kWh) 

Fuel cellsbeing utilized at more than 170 stores and distribution centers that yield approximately 90 percent of the electricity each store requires in order to operate  

Announced this January, the 50 MW Los Mirasoles Wind Farm northeast of McAllen, Texas, and added this summer, the Zopiloapan Wind Farm (central Mexico).  

 It is noteworthy that major, respectable retailers are taking part in alternative energy projects. Home Depot’s vice president of labor and operations, David Hawkins, stated, “[They] reduce carbon emissions while also lowering our energy costs” in reference to the company’s alternative energy projects, demonstrating an understanding of how going solar will benefit the planet as well as finances.   

Additional Environmental Projects 

In addition to the solar farms, Home Depot has updated its environmental policies. These can be found in its 2017 Responsibility Report. One of the goals is to remove substances such as lead and formaldehyde in numerous categories in order to provide products which are green for customers. The company is going to see stronger practices in different product categories, which include laminate flooring, vinyl, paint and carpet.  

As per a news release on Home Depot, Inc.’s website, their plan includes “commitments to increase the assortment of products that have transparency of product ingredients and third party certification of chemical ingredients.” Home Depot, Inc. plans to work directly with suppliers in an effort to improve chemicals in categories that have the highest possible impact on indoor air quality.  

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Photo Source: Teslarati.com  

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