Speeding Towards Solar: Auto Dealers Recognize the Power of Solar

These solar systems are multi-purposed. Not only do they protect what is beneath them (such as vehicles), but they are able to lessen electricity costs for automotive dealerships.

Auto dealership with rooftop solar
Experienced SunPower Dealer Network Leads the Way with Cost Effective Solar Energy Solutions Uniquely Designed for Automotive Customers (PRNewsfoto/SunPower Corp.)

Many auto dealerships are going solar in an effort to save money and help the planet, too. SunPower® solar dealers are popping up across the United States. Many of these solar dealers are actually small and mid-sized companies that are locally-owned and operated. SunPower® solar dealers are making a difference by turning otherwise empty rooftops and huge parking lots into systems that operate using solar energy.  

In accordance with a news release on PR Newswire, when it comes to car dealerships and operating expenses, it might come as a bit of a surprise to many that energy costs can actually be one of their top three biggest expenses – that is, as per the National Auto Dealers Association (NADA). This is the case because of factors such as showrooms enhanced greatly by technology; repair shops that are completely filled with items such as electric tools; and parking lots which are huge in size and completely lit so that customers can see clearly while shopping around for a vehicle, regardless of the time – security likely plays a part in the fact that lots stay lit at night, too. This combination leads to dealerships consuming more energy than standard office buildings (18 percent more, actually).    

According to Vice President of Real Estate, Luther Auto Group, Linda McGinty (as shared via PR Newswire), “Solar just makes good business sense in today’s energy environment, and has become integral to many of our facilities’ energy-efficient designs. Over the last five years, we’ve worked with Energy Concepts to install over 450 kilowatts of high-efficiency SunPower solar at 10 of our dealerships across Minnesota, and have seen significant energy savings as a result.” 

Electric Savings for Auto Companies 

Luther Auto Group is a privately owned auto group in Minnesota. As a matter of fact, it is the biggest privately owned such group. Currently, it has 10 locations with just over 450 kilowatts of solar installed. Over the next 25 years, it is expected that these systems (created and set up by SunPower dealer Energy Concepts) will generate over $2 million in electric savings. These numbers are hugely substantial.  

Covert Auto in Texas is a company that has served central Texas for many years. In Hutto, there are 125.6 kilowatts which are installed on the roofs of Chevy and Ford dealerships. The systems were created and set up by Freedom Solar Power. They meet more than half of the company’s needs in terms of electricity, and over the next two decades, they are expected to bring roughly half a million dollars in cost savings. Wow! 

Boulder Nissan (which is based in Colorado) has solar installed, too – over 50 kilowatts, to be exact. SunPower dealer Independent Power Systems created and set up their advanced system. Over the next 25 years, when coupled with an upgrade to LED lighting in the facility, this system is expected to bring in more than $380,000 in relation to energy savings. It already meets 20 percent of Boulder Nissan’s electric requirements, too. 

CEO Ryan Ferrero of Ignyte Lab which partnered with SunPower dealer Independent Power Systems, stated: “It’s inspiring to help auto dealers see a return on their solar investment in five to seven years, with some becoming cash-flow positive in as little as one month. When we can show auto dealership owners the financial benefits of using renewable energy and adopting sustainable business practices, high-quality solar energy solutions end up selling themselves. And with more than 17,000 new car dealers across the U.S., there’s a huge opportunity to help more in the industry save on electricity costs with solar.”  

Clearly, going solar shows very fast cost-savings. Going solar is only going to continue allowing professionals to save money. Companies are continuing to invest in solar power, too. SunPower, in Plano, TX is actually collaborating with Toyota to set up an 8.79 megawatt system at the center of operations for Toyota Motor North America. The expectation is that it will be the biggest corporate office in terms of on-site solar installation.  

SunPower executive vice president, Nam Nguyen stated, “It’s no surprise that an increasing number of auto customers find solar to be a reliable, effective way to reduce electric bills while freeing up operating capital and improving their environment with emission-free energy. Through relentless innovation, SunPower has created smart, simple, and cost-effective solar systems that allow businesses in any industry maximize their investment, earning more savings over time.” 

SunPower: What You Need To Know 

SunPower is a power force in solar innovation and sustainability. It is an organization which offers substantial cost savings with regards to commercial, residential and power plant clients.  

As per www.sunpower.com, “At SunPower, we are passionately committed to changing the way our world is powered. And as we continue shaping the future of Smart Energy, we are guided by our legacy of innovation, optimism, perseverance and integrity. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, SunPower has dedicated, customer-focused employees in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. Since 2011, we’ve been majority-owned by Total, the fourth largest publicly-listed energy company in the world.”  

The dedication of SunPower to solar energy is obvious. It is so important to recognize the potential that solar has to offer. Companies such as SunPower are offering remarkable advancements in the solar industry thanks to their unwavering dedication to all things solar.  

Auto dealerships are beginning to recognize just how beneficial solar power can be, especially when it comes to cost savings and minimal environmental impact. Solar news is likely to continue to reveal interesting ways that companies are taking advantage of solar power and renewable energy. Check out the latest solar news for more information on how major corporations and even smaller-scale businesses are reaping the benefits of going solar. It is obvious that the direction the world is headed is solar. Solar energy, solar panels and other forms of renewable energy are going to make our planet healthier, while allowing individuals and businesses to enjoy significant cost-savings.  





Photo Source: PR Newswire  


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