Roll Up Solar – A Bright Future Ahead


The timing couldn’t be better. In light of recent natural weather disasters in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Florida, it’s become obvious that logistical challenges in providing power to afflicted areas needs to be overcome quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Roll up solar panels may hold the much needed answer. A flexible roll of solar panels can be unrolled in less than two minutes and provide a solar panel field that generates power which in turn is stored in the batteries. Roll up solar panels are already being used successfully in Flat Holm, an island off the coast of Cardiff in the Bristol Channel. Since Flat Holm is completely surrounded by water there are logistical challenges in getting direct access to the island. A portable system that generates power is needed during times of extreme weather or other disaster. When power challenges of any kind take place, local residents, visitors and tourists can be adversely affected. Roll up solar panels are an effective way to deliver clean, sustainable power to the affected area. 

Solar power and solar panels in particular are most often thought of in the terms of how they derive clean and pure energy from the sun. Conventional solar panels accomplish this effectively but a variation in solar panel technology was needed in order to make them applicable during an emergency situation. In lieu of recent hurricane activity and the disastrous effects of not having sustainable power for large segments of local populations, roll up solar panels are being eyed by humanitarian agencies, disaster relief organizations, the military and even remote mining operations as a viable solution to provide clean, fast, and sustainable power when and wherever needed. 

Also known as Rapid Rollthis system of roll up solar panels was developed by British solar technology innovators RenovagenThis Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire based company’s managing director John Hingley first had the idea to produce mobile solar panels over five years ago. The idea paid off and in 2016, the company won a small business contest for innovative use of solar renewable energy; the roll up solar panel was born. According to the Renovagen website, this roll up solar panel technology could revolutionize “the cost-effective and environmentally-friendly provision of large amounts of off-grid power in remote locations across many industries – including military, disaster relief, mining, oil & gas, construction, events and telecommunications.” This new solar panel technology enhances the potential to save lives in weather and disaster afflicted areas by helping to reduce or even totally eliminating the need for military fuel convoys and by powering medical facilities set up in these disaster zones. 

The entire rolling solar panel process is well thought out as Rapid Roll technology can be integrated into side opening ISO shipping containers. When you combine these with inverters and a large battery bank, an easily transportable, self-sustaining solar panel power system is created that is more than capable of generating 10 times more solar power than any competitor’s product. Rapid Roll’s solar panels can be deployed in huge clusters 20 meter in width and 200 meters in length representing the largest deployable solar panel array ever conceived. This huge solar panel power plant can be deployed in mere hours and provide city scale solar power sufficient to power a major military operating base, huge disaster relief operation, or vast mining site. 

As reported by every news agency areas affected by hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding and other natural disasters take money, time and extreme effort. These are exacerbated by laborious political negotiations before recovery becomes attainable. Restoring electricity in afflicted areas is one of the most vital aspects of emergency relief, and these rolling solar panels can accomplish this task in record time. 

These Rapid Roll solar panels are not only expedient, they are efficient as they can be packed in 4×4 trailers which can carry enough solar panels to power an entire mobile clinic of 120 beds or to desalinate 25,000 liters of seawater every 24 hours. Hingley stated to the BBC that “Compared with traditional rigid panels, we can fit up to 10 times the power in this size container.”  

Hurricane Maria recently caused unprecedented damage to Puerto Rico and many locales still have no electricity or running water. CNN reports that recovery is moving at a “glacial pace.” Whenever a disaster of any type affects a largely populated area, restoring electrical power is of paramount importance. Electricity powers communication networks and provides a much needed sense of a return to normal life before the disaster. As much as 55 percent of Puerto Rico’s population was reported to be without drinkable water following Hurricane Maria. Although it may be too late to implement for Puerto Rico at this time, rapid-deploy rolling solar panels could alleviate much of this kind of suffering, in the near future. 

Look to Rapid Roll solar panels to provide sustainable, clean, rapid response solar power to disaster ravaged areas in the very near future. Keep an eye out for these innovative roll up panels as the fast deployment of portable solar power is needed more than ever in this age of natural disaster caused by climate change and human conflict. These roll up panels will save lives and provide emergency power to afflicted areas. 



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