A Surge in Solar Power Jobs


Solar is the direction in which our planet is headed. Solar power, of course, is a beneficial system because it utilizes the sun to derive pure, clean energy. Energy from the sun, of course, is free and unlimited. It can help us to combat greenhouse gas emissions while also lessening a fossil fuel dependence. Electricity is traditionally sourced from natural gas and coal. Unfortunately, harmful gasses are released when fossil fuels are burned in order to make electricity. These gasses end up leading to severe consequences such as global warming and pollution. We need to lessen our carbon footprint, as is widely recognized, and looking into the latest solar news indicates that this is indeed happening.

The understanding of the importance of solar power and reducing our carbon footprint is apparent with regards to solar jobs. Jobs in the solar industry are growing incredibly fast. As a matter of fact, solar careers now outnumber electrical careers, as per the most recent solar news! The Solar industry is certainly seeing a surge in job growth! 

Here are some of the benefits of solar power according to CleanTechnica, a site focused on “cleantech” and its advantages. These benefits demonstrate how important solar power job growth truly is.  

  1. Slow down or completely stop global warming. Global warming, of course, is damaging the ozone layer which is important because it is a protective layer in the atmosphere. The ozone layer works to protect persons and animals from the sun’s harmful rays. The temperature has been increasing in terms of our atmosphere, and this is because of global warming. Averting or stopping global warming, comprehensibly, is something which is very important. Solar power job growth can help to do this.  
  2.  Money-savings in Climate change damage, saving our society millions if not billions of dollars in potential damage caused by global warming. Solar power puts more money in our pockets as a country and as a planet. Of course, solar power jobs put money into the pockets of hard-working individuals, too! 
  3. Money-savings for individuals. Persons in the United States who opted to use solar power energy in 2011 saved more than $20,000. Projected savings in places such as Hawaii using solar power were closer to $65,000.  
  4. Energy reliability. We know that the sun is reliable and that it will rise and set every single day (of course, energy reliability with regards to the sun doesn’t necessarily hold true for a place such as Alaska, where certain times of the year see hardly any sunlight). As a whole, solar power is very dependable and consistent when it comes to energy.  
  5. Energy independence. There is not a monopoly on the “fuel” needed to operate solar power panels. Once a person has solar power panels, the energy is their own. 
  6. Finally, job creation. Solar power has become a powerhouse when it comes to generating jobs. It is believed that money which is invested in solar power energy creates up to three times as many jobs as money which is invested in coal. The numbers show why solar power jobs outnumber electrical power jobs.  

It is clear that solar is becoming more and more popular today in that solar jobs outnumber electrical power jobs – this is because people are realizing how bad fossil fuels happen to be for the environment. In addition, fossil fuels aren’t exactly an infinite resource, unlike the sun in relation to solar power.  

Energy prices can and will quickly increase as availability becomes limited.  Solar power jobs aren’t just a way to protect the environment – they allow for lower costs for power everywhere. Moreover, solar power jobs allow us to take advantage of a resource which is infinite. Solar jobs are benefiting far more than just the economy. Clearly, job availability in solar power is useful to the economy but also mandatory for the planet.  

Solar Energy Jobs: What Do They Look Like?  

Here are just some of the jobs available in the solar power industry: engineering, manufacturing, scientific research, plant development, plant operations, plant construction, photovoltaic installers, installation and maintenance, and more! There is so much work to do in terms of solar power, so the potential for job growth is remarkable.  

The solar power industry entails persons working in engineering, construction, science, manufacturing and installation. Scientists focusing on solar power research and create new materials. Engineers in the solar power industry design newer systems. Manufacturing workers in solar power create the equipment needed for solar power generation, such as panels. Construction workers in the solar power industry create and build solar power plants. Installers in the solar power field install solar panels and projects. There is much to be done and so much potential when it comes to solar power job opportunities.  

Clearly, jobs in solar have taken the lead when it comes to energy jobs. The fact that solar power jobs have become more numerous than electrical power jobs is extremely beneficial for people and the planet. Solar power is the way of the future, and it is something that everyone needs to get on board with. There is a growing interest in renewable energy sources such as solar power, and there are competitive rates in terms of solar power. Solar power will only continue to gain a great deal of attention. Of course, solar power is not a new concept at all; as a matter of fact, for more than half a century, solar power has been utilized for doing things such as generating electricity for satellites and even spacecraft. In the 1970s and 1980s, solar power generation started to be used on a larger scale. It is only expected to continue to grow in usage because, as discussed, solar power offers numerous environmental benefits and it is cost-effective. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the price of solar power has been on a downward trend because manufacturers are realizing how to improve efficiency in terms of production. The price to install solar power will only continue to decrease as solar power generation becomes more prevalent. On the other hand, fossil fuel rates are increasing. Click here for more information.  

There was enough power in terms of United States solar electric capacity back in 2009 to power more than 350,000 homes, as per the Solar Energy Industries Association. That same year, the market doubled in regards to real estate and three new CSP (concentrating solar power) plants were opened in the U.S., leaving the solar power market a force to be reckoned with. Even with these numbers, it is important to note that in the U.S., solar power merely provided less than 1% of total electricity generated. In the summer of 2010, 93,000 workers, as per the Solar Foundation, spent more than half of their hours at work on solar power projects.  

The latest in solar news sure is fascinating. Solar news is expected to only get more remarkable as solar projects continue to become more popular and solar continues to see job growth! 







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