The Military Could Be About to Make Solar Power Way Better

If the military gets solar panels, they're going to want really good solar panels.


“To put it simply, the problems the military needs to solve in order to make solar work for them are the same problems that are keeping solar from becoming a more significant part of the energy market. With enough military research funding, we might be able to see solar really start to take off, and hopefully see the developments trickle down to the civilian sector.

If the military gets solar panels, they’re going to want really good solar panels. And they’re going to need better energy storage technology, for those moments when the sun goes down. They’re also going to need to figure out how to run efficient micro grids connected to larger utility-scale grids, which is something that homeowners associations have been

That by itself is great news for the solar industry, but if the military is adopting solar power generation then the industry may be about to kick into high gear. With military investment comes military funding, military R&D, and military standards.

While this report is focused mainly on the ways the military can safeguard against electrical outages or attacks, it’s also a sign of how far solar power has come in recent years. For the government to be considering solar for backup electricity generation proves that the tech has reached a baseline of reliability and efficiency.”




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